Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A sick obsession???

So, I can thank Karen for the obsession that has erupted in my home and my community of friends....yes, we have all read the "Twilight" series!!!! And now, all we can think about is the hope that maybe, just maybe....Edward Cullen is REAL!!!! What is it about that book that leaves all of us women, young and old with our panties in a wad???? Is he the "perfect" man???
Have we all secretly yearned after the "unattainable" man??? That dangerous, romantic, perfect being on earth??? Edward has truly put EVERY man on earth to shame...and that is, that THEY AREN'T Edward....no matter how handsome, how much money they make, how romantic ,....NO man will compare to Edward Cullen.

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband with all my heart!!!! But there's a part of me...I think in ALL of us women, that wish OUR husbands were vampires!!!

If there is any chance of reincarnation, I wanna come back as Bella....and I want MY man to "sparkle"

Don't bother trying to call me on November 21st.... I'll be in the theater with my daughter and all my friends watching "Twilight"..... I'm sure when it's over, there won't be a DRY seat in the house! Ha! Thanks Karen!