Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm sure that everyone has had that "one" sweet or quirky or strange little dog at some point in your life that has left a lasting impression on you....well, that's most definitely my pedro dog....I wonder sometimes how strange it is that you can love your dog as much as your own children?
well, it's true...and for anyone who owns both, I can most definitely attest that dogs are much easier to raise!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Pedro came into our lives about 4 yrs what was supposed to be an adoption for MY MOM...I found him on the website at the local animal shelter. He was the cutest little chihuahua we had ever seen! His face reminded me of a cartoon character with his huge eyes and enormous ears. I went to the pound to adopt him up FOR MY MOM. This poor little dog had the worst case of kennel cough and was brought home on medication. I've never heard a dog cough like that, and for so long! We kept him at our house for a few weeks until his kennel cough was somewhat under control and he could finally go to live with my mom at her house. Of course, in the meantime, everyone fell in love with this strange quirky little dog. It was really sad to see him go....skip ahead 3 months.....Pedro was doing fine at my mom's house, until he and one of my mom's other dogs, "scooby" had a knock down drag out full on fight till the death moment, at which pedro almost killed scooby. We are convinced that pedro and scooby were from "rival gangs" and they just weren't able to live in the same hood together....LOL
So, needless to say, it was in pedro AND scooby's best interest that the two be separated and that's how Pedro came to live with me.

He is the funniest little dog that has so many little quirks about him....HE'S convinced that he is a pitbull in a 7 lb. body. He walks around with a bad ass attitude and truly thinks he is king of the world....just ask the big dog across the street! Pedro crawls under the fence first thing in the morning to have his "morning showdown" with the big dog....and amazingly enough, the big dog turns and runs when he sees pedro coming! That's when pedro happily skips (yes, he skips like a little school girl), back to his kingdom where he entertains all of us on a daily basis.

You're probably thinking I'm a crazy "dog lady".... well, call me what you will...but until you've had that goofy little dog on your lap, or watched him skip in the yard, you don't know what you're missing!!!! Just ask "the sea monkeys"....I'm convinced that the "wild child" and pedro are soul mates!!!! Both are "quirky"....and have you laughing for hours at a time....BUT YOU GOTTA LOVE 'EM!!!!!


Karen said...

Yes, we love Pedro at our house!! Poor neighbor dog! When I first saw the pictures pull up of Pedro- I thought you had him dressed as a bumble bee. He he he he. Then I realized he was a boatin' dog, well prepaired. Hugs to Pedro and the rest of you too.

Pablo Sebastian said...

Very nice the photos (the sensational little dog)....