Monday, August 4, 2008


Know the old saying that EVERY mother says, "where does the time go?"....well, here's one of those moments....I'm sitting here asking myself, 'WHERE THE HELL HAS THE TIME GONE????!!!!"
Today is the first practice of Isabelle's first cheer season....I think back 7 yrs ago to when we first brought her home. From the moment she arrived, The only thing she ever knew was football /cheer season ... sitting at practices in her stroller for hours on end....watching dad coach football, and watching me coach cheer and dance. THIS GIRL LOVED IT!!!! She would cry for months after the seasons were over because she loved going to pracice, the teams, the excitement, the constant "on the go" lifestyle that only football season brings.'s a little bittersweet for me today...It's the end to a 10 yr coaching commitment that I gave to Ashlea (the blond in the middle of the team pic)....I coached her from the time she was 8 yrs old till she graduated just a few months ago....and now, it's the dawning of a new's time for the "littlest" sister to shine...and the irony of the whole thing....Ashlea is now coaching HER little sister with ME. It all goes full circle I guess?

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Nicole said...

That is so neat for you that your girls share this love with you. What good mom-daughter bonding!